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It was the 1860s. A decade passed, and the prominence of Ambrotypes began to fade. Peculiar booths, tents, and wagons began to emerge throughout Victorian London, heralding the end of era when having one's portrait taken was a luxury.


Innovations, such as replacing the glass plate with a thin sheet of metal, have now made photography accessible to crowds of modest means. For the first time, tintypes offered the common folk a chance to glimpse their own reflection, forever frozen in silver dust.

democratisation of photography

  • Get your silver portrait taken in a swift - 20 min. - sitting.

  • Experience arcane craft at a modest financial commitment.

  • Watch your unique - 6" Tintype - crafted right before of you.



for the next Live Experience


Register for the next TINTYPE SALON or incorporate the booth into your own event, whether it be a party, wedding, reception, or gala.


Take your guests on an adventure showcasing this mesmeric performance before their very eyes.


At the TINTYPE SALON, you are once again presented with an exclusive opportunity to capture your PORTRAIT on a METAL PLATE like in the 1860s - for a modest investment.


In a swift sitting, you will gain a unique insight into this arcane process, watching each tintype crafted by hand and developed before your very eyes. Immortalize your essence in the most timeless and evocative fashion, and take this one-of-a-kind silver keepsake home or offer it to someone dear.

Live Experience

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