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A side profile of an elderly gentleman dressed in a formal suit and sporting a stylish blue hat with a feather, adjusting his tie while posing for an ambrotype portrait. The scene is set in a photography studio, featuring vintage equipment, conveying a deep sense of calm and experience.


of stillness





Here begins a journey unique and timeless. A path less travelled, a mark of exquisite taste. Allow any reservations to dissolve; you are in devoted hands that will guide you through this unmatched experience gracefully. Yours is to unwind and let your legacy be forged.

Two elegant ambrotype portraits displayed in a London studio, showcasing the expertise of portrait photographers in the city. The larger portrait features a woman in a lace dress, exuding a classic and sophisticated air, while the smaller one captures a woman with a confident gaze. Both portraits highlight the unique, vintage appeal of ambrotype photography, making them distinct offerings in the London headshot and portrait photography scene.

12x12" (30x30cm) Black Glass Ambrotype

on a handmade Walnut+Brass Plinth

6x6" (15x15cm) Black Glass Ambrotype

on a handmade Walnut+Ash Plinth


Crafting your most exquisite portrait, immortalizing your story in fine silver dust, forging your legacy, your very own dent in the universe.

Portrait Session


Father's Day Special 

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  • Slow down and indulge in an unrushed experience with up to 8 hours of Studio Time.

  • Exhibit your finest look with Celebrity-Grade Hair and Makeup, available should you desire.

  • Choose from up to 12 Uniquely Crafted Glass Plates to find your truest reflection to keep.

  • Celebrate yourself during a solo experience or share this special moment with a cherished guests of yours.


Full SUIT of BENEFITS and PRICING available upon inquiry.

  • Create your own legacy or make this exquisite experience a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone dear.



A woman wearing a striking red dress, sitting for a portrait at an ambrotype photography studio.
A close-up view of a vintage wooden camera with a large lens, positioned in a photography studio. The detailed craftsmanship of the camera is highlighted, with a softbox partially visible in the background, providing diffused lighting for portrait photography.



is also available at the location of your choice, your event, and as a gift certificate.


it's about

I entered the studio feeling a bit stressed due to my tight schedule and was concerned my mood would reflect in the portrait. However, if you surrender and trust Marcin, allowing him to lead the process like a dance partner, it turns out to be a fantastic experience, as it was for me and my family.


I had some reservations knowing that the Ambrotype portrait can’t be retouched. It made me feel a bit self-conscious. However, Marcin has quickly proven to be a wizard of studio lighting. He captured me in the most flattering and elegant way. I've never felt more dignified and proud in a photograph.


Having spent decades in the advertising industry I was involved in countless photoshoots. Yet, my portrait session with Marcin surpassed my wildest expectations. His work is extraordinary and the charm of Ambrotype portraits is unmatched by any modern medium. It's more than a photograph - it's a unique keepsake that truly stands out.