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"Strive for perfection in everything you do..."


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I could boast here about my vast background in image making - nearly three decades of experience spanning multiple industries; architecture, advertising, TV, and film. Or, I could bore you to death with tales of “How I got my first camera when I was 6”. However, there is more to this story than mere clichés. Instead, allow me to tell you why I admire luxury cars, and why I believe it is important.

“What is he talking about?”, you probably wonder… please, bear with me.

About ME
About ME

For most people, luxury cars are just a needless extravagance - a grandiose and wasteful way of getting around. There are also those who view them as a way to advertise their social status, wealth, and achievement.


What I see, is an embodiment of human striving for greatness. An exploration of the boundaries of our potential - a limit that we have not yet comprehended. I recognize a testament to the path taken up a steep hill - sweat, blood, and tears spilled along the way to excellence and the fulfillment of the desire to be all one can be.


In one word: Theosis.

Why I admire luxury cars

Why I admire

luxury cars

When I discovered the Wet Plate process it was truly a love at first sight. I have not only fallen for the captivating charm of the images it renders but also the artisan essence.


In a world where everything evolves to become easier, faster, and more accessible, I found the beauty and meaning in slowing down, returning to the roots, and making things the hard way.


The journey of mastering the Wet Plate process reminded me that true fulfillment comes not from the ease of achieving a goal but from the effort and dedication invested in the pursuit.

Love at first sight

Beyond the portraits, themselves, a lively vision emerged within me. A dream of a unique studio - a Rolls Royce of portrait studios. A place, where not only the most beautiful and timeless professional portraits are crafted, but a place where genuine connections are being established, compelling stories told, confessions made and occasional tears shed. I envisioned a place to which you want to come back - not because of the exquisite and luxurious experience you had, but for another cup of coffee - because you felt good, special, and celebrated.

And last but not least… a venture that will fuel entrepreneurial spirit and inspire greatness in others.

Rolls Royce of Portrait Studios


By booking your session you are not only creating your own legacy but also becoming a part of this tale. You contribute to making this vision, the studio, and the experience, the reality. You allow the story to be told for everyone who strives for excellence.

Rolls Royce

of portrait studios

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