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Alchemy and Craftsmanship


When tintype booths emerged throughout Victorian London they were nothing short of astounding, captivating enigmas that blurred the lines between innovation and mystique. The photographers behind these booths were whispered to be sorcerers, their ritual of capturing one's likeness on METAL PLATES shrouded in mystery and accusations of witchcraft. 


This was the end of the times when having one's portrait taken was a privilege. Tintypes captured the essence of the era, immortalizing the spirits of not only the elites but also the ordinary people, in a dance of alchemy and light. Despite the superstitions, the tintype portrait booth prevailed and became a cherished part of Victorian culture, with families preserving their portraits as treasured heirlooms.

Rumors of soul-stealing swirled around these wagons, tents, and stalls, with some even believing that the new technology was an invention of the devil himself. But for those who dared to venture within, Tintype booths offered a unique opportunity. For a common flok, it was, for the first time ever, a chance to glimpse their own reflection, forever frozen in silver dust. 

alchemy & witchcraft

Here again, you have the opportunity to sit for a tintype portrait - experience this arcane method and have your essence captured in the most timeless and evocative fashion.

Join one of our upcoming TINTYPE SALONS or incorporate the booth into your own event, whether it be a party, wedding, reception, or gala. Take your guests on an adventure showcasing this mesmeric performance up close.


Each tintype portrait is crafted by hand and developed immediately before their very eyes, leaving them in awe - taking home a forever-lasting impression of that special occasion.


for a Dance with the Alchemist


Next TINTYPE SALON date to be announced.

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