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I firmly believe that being an entrepreneur is synonymous with being ‘spiritual’ - that our greatest contribution to humanity is our self-actualisation. When we uplift ourselves, we uplift everyone else around us. 


And it all comes down to being of service to others. Constantly striving to be better at what we do and who we are - whatever path it is that we have chosen.

So...what can I do for you?

Tintype Salon

Pay a visit to the next Tintype Salon - not only the easiest way to have your silver portrait taken, but also a great opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded people.

Tintypes are silver photographs, created using the same wet plate process as is used for ambrotypes - with the only exception being a metal backing serving in the place of glass.

As such, they do not require the meticulous preparation necessary for glass plates, meaning that the image can be obtained in less time. A tintype Mini-Session lasts around 20-30 minutes, during which 1-2 plates are crafted.

While it is recommended that you reserve your booking ahead of time, you are warmly invited to linger and socialise with other guests. I am always on the lookout for unique opportunities and exquisite new venues to provide you not only with the finest service but also with memorable experience.

Tintype Booth

Whether you are throwing a party or hosting a wedding, reception or gala - including the Tintype Booth in your event will provide your guests with an opportunity to witness this magical process in person. Each photograph is created by hand and developed immediately in front of the guests - leaving them in awe. 

The booth can be adapted to almost any indoor and outdoor conditions. 

Studio Session

Prior to your session, we will schedule an individual consultation to discuss your expectations and needs, and determine how we can do best together.

Although wet plate sessions are involved and cannot be rushed, they are at the same time pleasant and relaxing. A few simple directions will eliminate any concern, you may have, over posing, and will ensure I capture the best of ‘you’.

During the session, we will shoot a few different angles and outfits. You are most welcome to take home as many of the plates as you fall in love with. 


duration: 1-2h, shooting 3-4 metal plates - 6x6" in size.


duration: 2-3h, shooting 4-6 glass plates - 12x12" in size.



also available as a
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