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mesmeric & haunting

Ambrotypes were simply mesmerizing. Their very existence seemed steeped in myth, an enchanting fairy tale that captivated the imagination. Even Archer, while developing the formula, must have felt like he'd dreamed up the whole thing, but it was real - real revolution.

When ambrotypes arrived at the scene in the 1850s, they caused a global stir. It was a shift of the paradigm - turning fleeting memories into lasting keepsakes.


But these new spellbinding portraits were not easily attainable. The process was complex, the materials expensive, rendering these gems suitable only for the affluent and sophisticated. Ambrotype portrait wasn't just a photo; it was a statement of status. Even owning just one was a mark of prestige.

a Mark of


For over a century, ambrotypes remained obscured, forgotten amidst technological advancements. Yet, today they re-emerge as cherished relics of the bygone era. 

These tangible artifacts can be touched, smelled, and even - God forbid - accidentally shattered. It's the kind of thing that makes you stop and take notice, even If art or photography isn't your cup of tea.

Their tactile nature and mesmeric, almost haunting allure make them stand apart from the flickering pixels of omnipresent screens. They are an embodiment of permanence and charm to which digital photos can only aspire.

Kind of Thing that

Makes you STOP

Kind of 

Thing that

Makes you STOP


nevermind that

countless selfies;

all that matters is that you

nevermind that countless selfies;

all that matters is that you

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